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App development projects can become increasingly complex along the road from concept to launch. B2B applications addressing specific market or internal needs, require specialist skills and a build that enables easy integration with existing systems. B2C apps have other factors that need consideration, typically their success is dependent on buyers whose purchasing decisions are driven by emotional factors. Speed to market and front end user experience may take precedent. That is why it is important to have a comprehensive team of specialists that are experienced, qualified and efficient. 

The Outsourcing Group is made up of carefully selected app development teams that have delivered apps from channel management solutions through to custom CRM’s. We put businesses from a wide range of industries in touch with app development teams around the world. Whether you are a large healthcare provider looking to develop a patient app, or a new FinTech looking to develop a banking application. TOG has the partner for you. 

Our teams are equipped and qualified to build complex, management tools and software solutions that have the potential to disrupt the way entire industries do business.

How To Outsource App Development

The Outsourcing Group puts you in touch with the best app development agency for your project. We have engineered a network of software development teams that specialise in application development functionality that caters to a wide range of industries and use cases.

We connect your bespoke projects with teams that have proven success and credibility in mobile and web app development. Due to their versatility and experience, our members excel as problem solvers and providers of unique solutions. 

Outsourcing web and mobile app development through TOG allows your business to remain in control of a project, without compromise: 

Vetted & Qualified Workforces

Our teams are equipped to produce major applications, from banking solutions to custom CRM systems. We review complex software to be sure of proficiency before a member is approved.

Value For Money

Outsourcing your mobile or web app development affords you opportunity. It’s a cost effective way to expand your business, without long term commitment. As all of our members are required to meet TOG’s high standards before they are even introduced to you, you’re guaranteed quality results for your investment.

Quality Guarantee

TOG’s promise is that all our member’s work is quality assured. They have proven track records of delivering flawless interfaces for all scales and business types.

Unique Innovative Solutions

Partnering with our members means you can have an expert app developer’s input on the functionality and end-result of your idea.

Familiar Teams

Our members work with their established, familiar teams to ensure there are no teething problems that impact production and project deadlines. You’re hiring well-oiled machines, not new starters.

Ongoing Communication

Transparency is key. We set expectations with all our app development teams and expect them to communicate effectively and often so you’re not left in the dark. We will maintain contact with both parties throughout development to ensure satisfaction.

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App development is an ever evolving, complex journey. Reduce your time to release, and increase your ROI. Improve your operations and increase profitability. Innovate now and get ahead of the curve.

Fill in our project requirements form. The Outsourcing Group will then review this information and introduce you to a handpicked team, suitable for your budget, expectations and timeline. 

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