The Outsourcing Group (TOG) is made up exclusively of the very best software development teams from around the world.

TOG connects businesses of all sizes with high performing software development teams without charge. We take your project requirements and match you with the team best positioned to deliver exceptional results.

We provide you with a shortlist of options depending on your budget, scope and location preference. Empowering you to make the final decision.

TOG only have a select few teams, this enables us to keep standards high with regular performance reviews.

Why Outsource With The Outsourcing Group?

Our service is free of charge. TOG fees are covered by the software development teams who make up the group. Once an introduction is made there is no obligation to proceed with any of our suggestions.

Only the best teams make it into the Group. We carefully select a small number of teams in each region, implementing extensive quantitative and qualitative assessments. Only once we are 100% confident in their level of expertise are they invited to join The Outsourcing Group.

Standards remain at the very highest. Having only a select few teams in each region allows us to build close relationships with the teams. We understand how they work and where their strengths lie.

We continually assess our teams. If getting to be part of The Outsourcing Group is hard, remaining part of the Group is even more demanding.

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Outsourcing Software Development


Free to use

Free, no obligation introductions to our partners.


Quality assured

Our fully vetted partners are held to the highest standards.


Value for money

Our members deliver industry leading products at great rates.

About us

Connecting businesses with top software development teams

We put businesses in touch with software development teams that are leaders in their region. Delivering exceptional product, for affordable rates.

  • Fully vetted
  • Established project management techniques
  • Transparent
  • English speaking
About us

Outsourcing software development through TOG

Gain access to our global, fully vetted, technical workforce and hire a software development team for a project, or find a long term technical partner to work alongside.

  • Access to product specialists
  • Reduce costs
  • Faster and better service
  • Flexible staffing
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