Business Intelligence Outsourcing

Outsource business intelligence and big data analytics

Big data does have the power to accelerate innovation. Yet it’s how a company harnesses the data and implements solutions that makes real change, fuels growth and market value. 

Business intelligence developers work with unique data sets. Therefore, all BI software is tailored for every business, designed to extract valuable data sets to inform tools, applications and systems or protocols that provide a business or consumer solution. Automated processes are implemented to ensure that regular manual updates are not required; as the data comes in, the software produces actionable insights. 

Business intelligence outsourcing is a popular and cost effective way to modernise and economise a company. 

At The Outsourcing Group, we provide companies  with access to pre-assembled, modular, global workforces based on their project requirements. From big data analytics to outsourcing business intelligence consulting and development, the members that we have partnered with are equipped to enter a project at any stage. 

Connect With Business Intelligence Developers

Business intelligence outsourcing can be a risk when you don’t know who you are dealing with. At TOG, our mission is to mitigate that risk by connecting companies with vetted and verified experts. The members that make up our network are experienced in multiple verticals, but also have proven skills in multiple technologies and disciplines that make up business intelligence solutions, such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, machine learning and RPA. 

Before implementation, most companies choose to outsource business intelligence consultations to get a third-party, objective opinion on projects. The flexibility of outsourcing protects your investment and allows your company to maximise efficiency and exercise control as well as many other benefits: 

Value For Money

Business intelligence outsourcing t affords you opportunity. It’s a cost effective way to expand your business, without long term commitment. As all of our members are required to meet TOG’s high standards before they are even introduced to you, you’re guaranteed quality results for your investment.

Innovative Solutions

Partnering with our members means you can have an expert business intelligence developer’s input on the functionality and end-result of your idea.

Innovative Solutions

Partnering with our members means you can have an expert business intelligence developer’s input on the functionality and end-result of your idea.

Familiar Teams

Our members work with their established, familiar teams to ensure there are no teething problems that impact production and project deadlines. You’re hiring well-oiled machines, not new starters.

Vetted & Qualified Workforces

Depending on your industry, the steaks for BI can be extremely high. Before you are introduced to any of our business intelligence developers, they will have shown quality case work and operated in relevant industries to ensure they deliver quality and meet project requirements.

Quality Guarantee

TOG’s promise is that all our member’s work is quality assured. They have proven track records of delivering flawless solutions.

Meet Your Team

Depending on your industry, business intelligence software can be used to track stock, inform business direction, fuel marketing campaigns, track performance and profitability, maintenance tracking and so much more. 

Overcome your business biggest challenges that can inhibit productivity, efficiency or profitability by outsourcing with TOG. 

Fill in our project requirements form. The Outsourcing Group will then review this information and introduce you to a handpicked team, suitable for your budget, expectations and timeline. 

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