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The accelerated progression of connectivity has created opportunity. Businesses looking to remain competitive must capitalise and innovate using these latest technologies. IOT development can provide solutions for efficiency, both in industry and for consumer products, whilst providing insights in demand that can push businesses onto bigger and better things.  

The Internet Of Things is all about connectivity, as are we! 

Here at The Outsourcing Groupwe have curated a network of the best teams and IOT companies to connect with businesses just like yours. We facilitate introductions to experienced IOT development teams from around the globe, providing business’ with access to the teams that are able to execute concepts and fuel innovation. 

The expert IOT companies we have partnered with are equipped to provide full-cycle development, working as a modular extension of your in house team. This includes services and skills such as:

  • Working with various protocols, systems and hardwares 
  • Merge data sources into single solutions
  • Robust security testing 
  • Comply with industry and privacy protection standards
  • IOT application development services 
  • Integrate machine learning capabilities
  • Implement and develop complex IOT architecture

Work With The Best IOT Companies In The World

At TOG, we’ve already done the laborious work for you, sourcing and approving IOT companies. We ensure that all our members are experienced in a variety of industries, prepared to operate and develop within multiple verticals, whether you’re in healthcare, FinTech, public services or logistics. 

Outsourcing IOT projects affords flexibility. Teams are able to work to specific project timeframes, without disrupting other works. Choosing to use a third party IOT company does not require long term financial commitment or require any additional business infrastructure. It allows enterprises to remain in control, without compromise: 

Vetted & Qualified Workforces

IOT has developed rapidly, integrating into the way we conduct business and live our lives. However, if not engineered, maintained and managed effectively, IOT can pose major security risks. Therefore, it is operationally and reputationally imperative that IOT projects are handled by the best. Finding IOT development companies through The Outsourcing Group means that you’re dealing with known entities, with vetted and verified work. Companies can be confident in the teams they employ.

Innovative Full-Cycle Solutions

Outsourcing IOT projects means that companies can benefit from expert consultation throughout every phase of development. The teams we connect you with can provide insights on data collection and the project aims to ensure the most appropriate technology and protocols are utilised for an optimised end result.

Familiar Teams

Our members work with their established, familiar teams to ensure there are no teething problems that impact production and project deadlines. You’re hiring well-oiled machines, not new starters.

Ongoing Communication

Transparency is key. We set expectations with all our IOT companies and expect them to communicate effectively and often so you’re not left in the dark. We will maintain contact with both parties throughout development to ensure satisfaction.

Value For Money

Outsourcing software development affords you opportunity. It’s a cost effective way to expand your business, without long term commitment. As members must meet TOG’s high standards before they are introduced to you, you’re guaranteed quality work for your investment.

Get Started On IOT Development

IOT is a dynamic market that offers a wealth of opportunities in both B2B, B2C and for internal solutions and insights, for things like efficiency, security and customer relations. 

Overcome your business challenges, including those presented by IOT projects, such as security risks, by outsourcing with TOG. 

Fill in our project requirements form. The Outsourcing Group will then review this information and introduce you to a handpicked team, suitable for your budget, expectations and timeline. 

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