Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Outsourced QA testing for optimal performance

Quality testing is the process of protecting and assessing the functionality of software. However it can also protect the reputation and security of your business. Some major global banks have famously failed to implement quality assurance, leaving customers without access to their funds. . Tech giants have also attempted to cut corners when rolling out remote software updates, in some cases resulting in their customers being unable to use their devices. 

Many companies attempt to skip over this critical step to preserve budget. Quality assurance outsourcing affords businesses speed to market and industry agility, whilst providing insurance for brand reputation. Here at The Outsourcing Group, we connect businesses to pre-assembled QA outsourcing companies for complete security. 

Outsourced QA testing means that businesses can remain flexible and innovative within their market, whilst third-party teams provide objective and expert evaluations on the functionality and accessibility of software rollouts. Outsourcing to QA development teams does not require a long term financial commitment but will protect your project investment. 

The Outsourcing Group vet and verify all our members to ensure they have the relevant experience working in industries from finance to healthcare and government contract work. It is in these high-security industries that quality assurance is an absolute necessity.


Enhance Project Launches With QA Outsourcing Companies

QA developers interrogate a system, not only to find failures and functionality weaknesses, but to ensure it operates to the standards your business needs it to, for example stress testings the system to ensure it can cope with relaunch traffic or a surge in data, ultimately helping businesses to avoid reputational and operational damage control if an error were to occur. 

At The Outsourcing Group, we match projects with handpicked, modular workforces who are equipped to deliver your project. Throughout the lifecycle of any software development project, the objectives can become lost. Quality assurance ensures that your tool still serves your customers and your stakeholders. 

Quality assurance methodologies vary, but when connecting through The Outsourcing Group, you can be confident that your team will work around you to suit your needs: 

Vetted & Qualified Workforces

Our teams are equipped to analyse, code and test on various platforms and for a variety of industries.

Value For Money

Quality assurance outsourcing affords you opportunity. It’s a cost effective way to expand your business, without long term commitment. As all our members are required to meet TOG’s high standards before they are even introduced to you, you’re guaranteed quality results for your investment.

Familiar Teams

Our members work with their established, familiar teams to ensure there are no teething problems that impact testing and project deadlines. You’re hiring well-oiled machines, not new starters.

Flexible Workforces

Typically, QA software development teams have unique methodologies and approaches. TOG makes this work for you, handpicking the best teams that will suit your location, budget and deadline requirements, as well as specific consideration for business objectives.

Ongoing Consultations

Transparency is key. We set expectations with all our members and expect them to communicate effectively and often so you’re not left in the dark. When an error is identified, it’s imperative it’s reported quickly to both your team and the developers. TOG maintains contact with all parties to maintain satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions

Gain expert insights and data that can propel and inform business decisions.

Meet Your New Team

Quality assurance and the functionality requirements of your tool or website vary, depending on industry, business objectives, stakeholders and consumer needs. The Outsourcing Group’s members are here to make sure all contingencies are accounted for. 

Fill out our project requirement form online, providing as much information as possible. We will then take all data into consideration before connecting you with the teams we think are most suited to take on your project.. 

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